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The Nocatee Lifestyle
Nocatee is one of the best-selling master-planned communities in America, and the number one place to call home on the First Coast. Nocatee is a coastal community that blends a variety of neighborhoods with schools, parks, recreation, offices, shopping, restaurants and so much more. Located in world renowned Ponte Vedra, Florida, Nocatee is just a few minutes away from pristine beaches, golf courses, business parks and major airports in downtown Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Nocatee is more than a community, it’s a lifestyle.

The Nocatee vision was centered around a desire to transform the unique setting of the land into a place with a truly exceptional quality of living, while still preserving the area’s peaceful beauty. By incorporating elements of “Smart Growth,” Nocatee provides its residents with employment opportunities, shopping, schools, recreation and beautiful homes – everything needed for and exceptional quality of life. The Nocatee Lifestyle encompasses a warm sense of community complete with amazing amenities and one-of-a-kind Nocatee events.

Nocatee is home to world class amenities, with several tranquil greenspaces, pools, dog parks, and more. Check them all out!

Fitness and Outdoors
Opportunities for outdoor recreation and fitness are plentiful at Nocatee. Here, outdoor enthusiasts and residents enjoy the very best of Northeast Florida. Naturally, it’s a big part of the active and vibrant Nocatee lifestyle.

Events and Activities
Nocatee’s monthly events and activities cater to every age group and lifestyle. From Farmers Markets and Comedy Shows to Food Truck Nights and Drive-In Movies… there’s something social for every resident any day of the week!

Lifestyle Extras
There’s a lot of perks that come with living in Nocatee. Many membership opportunities and discounts are available exclusively to Nocatee residents, making the Nocatee Lifestyle even better!


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