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At Mattamy we believe helping to create the places you are proud to call home is noble and life-changing work.

A company driven by values and principles

Our core values are more than mere words on a page – they form the defining elements of Mattamy’s culture, helping to guide what we do and how we behave, every day.


We will ensure excellence is the standard for everything we do. We focus on and commit to quality in our work and in the relationships we have with our many stakeholders.


We will respect and support each other in doing what is right. Teamwork is how we get things done at Mattamy, and at the heart of working together is support for each other.


We will have a positive impact in all of our communities. Our community involvement is at the core of who we are, and is all about having an impact, not merely playing a role.

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7800 Belfort Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32256, USA
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Hi! My name is Christy Redmer, and I'm an Associate-Broker with We Give Realty. We Give Realty specializes in assisting home buyers in their new construction home purchases, and we give our customers 2% Cashback just for using us. When we receive a typical 3% commission paid to us by…
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