2% New Home Rebate

4 Steps to 2%


1. Surf the Web

Search our comprehensive Builders and Communities pages and find homes, floorplans, and neighborhoods you like.

2. House Hunting

When you visit model homes, just let the site agent know you're working with We Give Realty. And be sure to call or text us at (904) 580-GIVE (904-580-4483) before you sign the contract.

3. Sign on the Line

When you find the home you want, make sure the Builder's agent knows you are using us as your Realtor *Double-check that we are on the paperwork as your real estate agent before you sign the contract to ensure you will get your 2% Cash Back at closing.*

4. Seal the Deal

At the closing table, not only do you get the keys to your new home, you also get 2% Cash Back! Your 2% Cash Back can be applied towards closing costs/pre-paids, or to reduce the price of the home or upgrades, or for a mortgage rate buy-down, or if you are a cash buyer and are not getting a mortgage, we may be able to give you a check after closing.

Haven't signed the contract on a new home yet? You still may be able to save thousands!

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Why We Give Realty?

Buy a New Home and Get Cash Back

At We Give Realty, we feel that new home buyers should be rewarded for all of their efforts. By searching for your home yourself, you save us time and money, so we pass the savings on to you!

The Key to Unlocking Savings

We are the key to unlocking savings from commissions reserved for the buyer's Realtor. Don't leave money on the table! Commissions are factored into the price whether you use a Realtor or not.

Buying New is the Better Buy

We specialize in New Construction Homes - including Spec Homes / Quick Move-In Homes. Buying new is the better buy - you get to pick the home, lot, and upgrades and customize it all to fit your needs!

The Best Home Rebate in NE Florida

At We Give Realty, we give new home buyers 2% cash back - That's over HALF of our usual 3% commission! It's the BEST new home rebate in North East Florida!

Keep Your Builder Discounts

Your 2% cash back is in addition to any special promotional pricing, discounts, closing credits, free options, upgrades, or any other incentives that the Builder may be offering when you purchase.

Choose Your Builder

At We Give Realty, we work with all builders in Florida, including CalAtlantic Homes, D.R. Horton, Dream Finders Homes, Lennar, Pulte Homes, Richmond American Homes, Toll Brothers, and many more!

Your Options

Go it alone. Just walk into any new home model and work directly with the sales agent. You give up your right to be represented by a Realtor and the builder keeps the commissions that are reserved to be paid to a real estate agent. Use a traditional realty. The builder will pay a real estate agent a commission to represent you (typically 3%). Because the real estate agent does not work for the builder, they can be more objective and look out for your best interest. Use We Give Realty, where you not only get the benefit of real estate representation, but also 2% cash back!

Go It Alone

$0 New Home Purchased for $400,000

You Get $0
Builder Keeps $12,000
No Representation
Assistance from Sales Agent
No Transaction Fee
No Thanks!

Traditional Realty

$0 New Home Purchased for $400,000

You Get $0
Broker & Agent Get $12,000
Agent Representation
Assistance from Sales Agent
Up to $500 Transaction Fee
I'll Pass!

We Give Realty

$8,000 New Home Purchased for $400,000

You Get $8,000
Broker Gets $4,000
Broker  Representation
Assistance from Sales Agent
NO Transaction Fee
Yes Please!

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